Open letter to your Excelency Mr. Prime Minister of Sweden



Dear Mr Prime Minister

I would like to say that this letter written to you is also extensive to the friendly people of Sweden.

Before and foremost, because the purpose of this letter is not my self, Fernando Casimiro(Didinho), but my country, Guinea-Bissau, i ask your Excelency to pay your special attention and consideration for the following meditation: " Three reasons for Sweden not to cancel the aid it has been giving to Guinea-Bissau".


1- For Life

Life only makes sense if besides ourselves, others can also live. " Fernando Casimiro(Didinho)

With this small, but embracing meditation, i want you, Mr. Prime Minister, to be aware of the importance Swedish Aid represents to the support of living conditions of the population in Guinea-Bissau.

The official announcement of the end of the bilateral cooperation between Sweden and Guinea-Bissau, having as a justification, the necessity, after more than 30 years of technical and financial assistance for Guinea-Bissau to use its own means of survival.

This decision cannot leave any citizen of Guinea-Bissau indifferent!

Sweden has always been and it always be a model of reference and aid to people and underdeveloped countries. Guinea-Bissau and its people recognize this help and are very thankful.

This decision, Mr. Prime Minister, even if we can accept it, bearing in mind a superficial way of communicating, penalizes the people of Guinea-Bissau, wich still continues deprived of external aid and demonstrates the urgency of Sweden in particular and the world to reformulate the whole process of Aid to needy countries, in a way that the Aid given wonīt be used for other purposes than the specific support previously determined.

Between Sweden and Guinea-Bissau and between Olof Palme and Amilcar Cabral was born a relation of friendship worthy of symbolism wich characterizes the companionship of both people.

I had the opportunity to visit Sweden twice: 1984 and 1986, wich left an image of a model that i call: "For Social issues and for the People".

The innumerable and great support given to Guinea-Bissau until today, didnīt reach, the expected results. But, because we need to analyse the failures to find solutions, Sweden and Guinea-Bissau have to sit down and discuss this issue.

To dialogue in a way wich would be effective and useful so that a new model of Aid and cooperation can be found, Swedenīs objectivity and availability must be used in order to verify the concrete reality of Guinea-Bissau.

Your Excelency, the friendly, relationship that exists between Sweden and Guinea-Bissau, between the Lars and the Malam, between Ulla and Binta, between Erik and Pansau for example, advises as to give a new opportunity to the less fortunate people in Guinea-Bissau.

Vital sectors as the Education and Health, need a continuing swedish Aid.

The ONGīs projects need swedish continuing aid, since the ONGīs reaches where the State canīt reach.


2-For Democracy

We cannot ignore the constant military / political turbulence in Guinea-Bissau when we weigh the Aid received from Sweden in the cooperation scene until now existent.

Being aware of the main social problems in Guinea-Bissau, Sweden quickly understood the necessity to support the renovation of the Army Forces, making available the financial means to prevent situations of political, economic and Social instability. These means were reserved to the demobilization and integration of soldiers in an active social life.

Sweden also gave a considerable Aid to the Human Rights League of Guinea-Bissau, contributing this way for the streghtening of Democracy, even if adapted to the reality of the country, the swedish Aid still continues to be vital.

To indicate more than 30 years of swedish Aid to Guinea-Bissau is positive in the transmission of friendly relationship and cooperation, but i cannot be defined as a period that estabilishes the stages of recognition in maintaining or cancelling the Aids and the cooperation between 2 countries.

At this precise moment, positive steps are being taken to find estability. The execution of reforms are necessary for a better implementation of democratic principles and maintenance of a State of Right in Guinea-Bissau.

This country needs the help and support of friendly countries like Sweden and thtīs why i ask your Excelency, Prime Minister, to reconsider the suspension of Aids to Guinea-Bissau.


3- For Development

The changing period, allied to a growing educated staff, has contributed positively for a diversity of mentality of the people of Guinea-Bissau, in a futuristic vision bound for development.

Bearing in mind this perspective, Mr. Prime Minister, we are before a necessity to continue supporting Guinea-Bissau, looking for reference marks wich enables the streghtening of a iniciative mind as well as the capacity of innovation of its human resources.

This is maybe not the best time to suspend the Aids to Guinea-Bissau, but to reinforce it.

Guinea-Bissau needs to gain confidence from its friends and strategic partners and because this is a turning point, and if its friends and partners donīt consider that all changes wich are in development need motivation and aid, then they will all be contributing not for the recuperation of a country but to its sinking.

Your Excelency, for Olof Palme and Amilcar Cabral, for Sweden and for Guinea-Bissau, it makes sense to create a new model of Aid and cooperation.

I end my letter wishing you a great performance in the exercises of your duties.

With my best wishes,

Sincerely yours.

Fernando Casimiro (Didinho)



Translated by: Eneida Costa